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    Cuff: Rhea Cuff: Rhea
    Cuff: Zenu Cuff: Zenu
    Cuff: Black & Gold Slice Cuff: Black & Gold Slice
    Cowrie Bangle: Gold Cowrie Bangle: Gold
    Cowrie Bangle: Sterling Silver Cowrie Bangle: Sterling Silver
    Bracelet: Single Strand Pyrite
    Bracelet: Moonstone & Spinel Wrap
    Bracelet: Nuggets & Spinel
    Bracelet: Multi-Stone Heishi Beads
    Bracelet: Triple Moon Gold/Neutral Bracelet: Triple Moon Gold/Neutral
    Cuff: Sandro Large
    Cuff: Forest Nature
    Bracelet: 12 Lucky Stones Bracelet: 12 Lucky Stones